Your story, honored in its wild authenticity, embedded in the salty breath of the Pacific Northwest.




Once we’ve connected through this form, we’ll set up a FREE no-obligation interview by phone call, online or in-person. This way I’ll get a basic sense of your needs and you’ll get a better sense of how I can serve you. We can become acquainted with each other and make sure I’m the right fit for you! Based on the information you share with me, I can establish a quote. You can get an idea of my prices here. If you decide to work with me, we sign a contract and you make a deposit to engage my services.



Next, we’ll meet online or in-person for in-depth interview(s) in a cozy indoor setting or in a local forest, beach, or meadow with hot tea in hand… I will hold a space for you to share your story and for us to go into more depth and detail about your intentions and vision for your ceremony or for the ritual support you are seeking.  Depending on the process we have agreed to, I may offer nature-based ritual guidance between interviews.



I send you a written questionnaire that you fill out and send back to me. Taking the time to fill out this questionnaire is an integral part of the ceremonial experience, providing the necessary pause and breath in the busy pace of life to reflect upon your unique journey and clarify your desires.

Victoria Celebrant
Victoria Celebrant Brooke Rochette



Based on our interview and the questionnaire you filled out, I will work to craft your unique and personalized ceremony. We will revise and update your ceremony script through email and phone consultations/support until you are delighted with the result.



I will arrive on site and officiate your ceremony with grace and great care.



Following the ceremony, I will gift you a lovely keepsake copy of your ceremony.

* This outlines the general process for ceremonies.  For more complex ceremonies involving multiple parties, the process is tweaked and adapted to the context. 



Interested in the full ceremony package outlined above?  Or something a bit different?  Have a look at the offers below…

Personal rituals for daily life might better meet your needs than a ceremony; or a facilitated sharing circle might be the perfect fit; perhaps you’re seeking nature-based guidance to strengthen your resilience through change; or maybe, you’re looking for advice around a ceremony you’ll be leading.  As every situation is different and needs vary, we can create a package that suits you – let’s talk and co-create!

Ask me about ONLINE Ceremony options for ritual nourishment in these strange and difficult times.

A NOTE ABOUT PRICING: I will strive to accommodate your budget and welcome barter inquiries. There is a travel fee for locations outside of the Comox Valley or Victoria. 

  • Phone talk or coffee date
  • In-depth in-person interview(s)
  • Questionnaire(s): Personal customized questions to tease out your unique story
  • Email support: Script drafting, feedback & editing (I will integrate your feedback until the ceremony script feels just right and you give me your full approval)
  • Final script: Beautifully crafted and professionally-written ceremony
  • Ceremony officiating on the day of!
  • Keepsake


Package prices vary based on the size of the ceremony, as well as its simplicity or complexity.

A more simple process for ceremonies that don’t require a written script or keepsake of the ceremony.

  • Phone talk or coffee date
  • In-depth in-person interview
  • Questionnaire: Personal customized questions to tease out your unique story
  • Phone talk(s) to share my ideas for the ceremony structure and ritual crafting and to integrate your feedback so that it feels just right for you.
  • Ceremony officiating of a beautifully crafted and professionally-structured ceremony


Package prices vary based on the size of the ceremony, as well as its simplicity or complexity. 

Let’s create personal sustenance rituals, practices, and/or self-designed ceremony to deepen your connection to what you care most about and to empower you through change.

  • Brief phone talk
  • Questionnaire: Personal customized questions to tease out your unique story
  • 2-3 personalized session to help you catalyze your intentions of release, renewal and self-care through personal ritual and nature-based practices.  The last session culminates in the creation of a personal ceremony that I can be witness to, or that you can then perform on your own.

200$ – 300$

There may be times when you are not seeking someone to officiate your ceremony, but are simply looking for guidance in creating a self-lead ceremony. We can meet in-person (or by phone or online) for private consultation(s) to help you design a beautiful ceremony. We will address the creation of the right container for what you are seeking to honour through ceremony, as well as your intentions and goals, how to structure your ceremony, significant elements to include, and how to design befitting rituals.

Consultations can include any or all of the following: in-depth meeting(s), customized research with a list of rituals, resources and references, custom-crafted rituals, development of a ceremony structure…

Pricing will depend on your needs – let’s hear what you have in mind!

Emerge into Spring

An ONLINE RETREAT to step into spring with nature-based practices of radical attention and gratitude.

3-PART SERIES | WED 6-8PM (PT) | APRIL 7th, 14th and 21st, 2021
50-75$ sliding scale total

A Twilight Stroll Through the Imaginal

An ONLINE RETREAT to tap into the potential of this darkest season, through nature-based rituals and practices.

3-PART SERIES | WED 6-8PM (PT) | DEC 2nd, 9th, and 16th, 2020
30-60$ sliding scale  (10-20$/session)

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Personal one-on-one sessions (online options available)

What you can expect from nature-based ritual guidance and resilience work

Through personal sessions we will tap into your inner wilderness – your vastness, creativity, nurture, & earthly belonging – to navigate the waves of change with confidence & resilience.

  • Archetypal lens to unearth our inner resources
  • Archetypal lens to work with our inner protectors (those that keep you small)
  • Practices for meeting your allies and kin in nature
  • Dreamwork to connect with the worlds held within your dreamscapes
  • Resilience & reconnection practices for times of ecological upheaval and change

Discover how conversations with the wild world can help you find your bearings during life transitions and times of global change.  Just as rivers, winds, animals, seeds and sun animate and shape the Earth, so the currents of our emotions, thoughts, sensations and imaginings inform our being.  These practices seek to strengthen these inner resources, cultivating greater wholeness, while at the same time deepening our relationship and intimacy with both our inner nature and the natural world in which we bathe.

75$ / session  (60-90min, with guided in-person practices + take-home practices)

180$ / 3-session package

Open your heart to the stories

of Stone, Fur, Bone, Fern and Honey.

Let them find you.

They each have their wisdom to share.

See how your stories hold hands.

Trained in The Way of Council, it is my privilege to help you create a space of deep listening, heartfelt sharing, open presence, and gratitude, to help honor a passage or support you through change.

A circle may be formed to meet once, for example, by close friends gathered to witness a mother’s Birth Story after stepping over the birthing threshold.  Or a circle may be formed to meet regularly, as in a circle of mothers who want to meet every month to share from the heart and learn from each other.

This offer includes:

  • Phone talk
  • In-person interview
  • Guidance with circle format, intention setting, and guiding questions
  • Circle facilitation


Recurring circles:  75$- 150$

“Story is the song line of a person’s life.
We need to sing it and we need someone to hear the singing.
Story told, story heard, story written, story read
create the web of life in words.”

– Christina Baldwin, author of Storycatcher

There are memorable moments in life. Let me put my my training in storytelling and creative writing at the service of your story, to turn a milestone on your journey into a beautifully-crafted narrative keepsake that will be cherished into the future and passed down through your lineage.

  • Brief phone talk
  • In-person interview
  • Questionnaire: Personal customized questions to tease out your unique story
  • Script drafting and one round of feedback & editing
  • Keepsake final script

350$ for a 1-2 page keepsake

150$ for every extra page

Custom illustrations integrated within text at extra cost

“Brooke was an essential guide in my motherhood transition”

The way she tenderly and thoughtfully created space for me during my first pregnancy reinforced my conviction that I had the necessary inner resources to go through this passage, held by the generations of women before me, with nature as guide and ally along my journey. During my second pregnancy, when fears bubbled to the surface, Brooke’s nature-based practices helped me find a place of comfort and guidance amid the living world. She has been a wayfinder in helping me to embed my daily life within a greater story, and I extend my heartfelt wishes that others may benefit from her gifts and presence.

– Sabine Matzler

let’s honour your journey


I respectfully acknowledge that I am standing on the unceded traditional territory of the K’òmoks First Nation (Puntledge, E’iksan, & K’omoks).